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In Great Britain, it is considered good luck to meet a chimney sweep on your wedding day. This tradition dates back hundreds of years to King George II, and is said to help assure a good start to a happy marriage.


Wish the bride and groom in your life good luck - send them a chimney sweep! We are pleased to offer a wedding day chimney sweep service in Nottingham and the surrounding area. Our sweeper will come to wish the happy couple good luck.

A tradition of good luck

Your wedding day chimney sweep visit includes:

• Meeting the guests at your venue

• A bottle of Champagne

• Flat cap and braces

• Top hat and tails

• Posing for photos

• Spending approximately 1 hour with your guests


We're not just for show! Our chimney sweeps can also clean the chimney at your home or business.

Get good luck for your wedding - book a sweep today!

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Your good luck will start when we shake hands with you.